How can you make money doing software reviews online?

Capterra is a software review website that incentivizes people with legitimate and authentic reviews of software.

You can make between $5 to $10 per review. These incentives are by invitation-only.

How do you get invited?

I have recorded several videos on YouTube showing exactly how I make money by doing software reviews on Capterra.

I will leave links for these videos at the end of this page.

In terms of the steps to take:

(1) Go to and sign up with your Linked-In account. (2) Do a review on 1 product you know so that you are in their system. Do not do more reviews! Just do 1. (3) Write to their support, asking if you can do some reviews for an incentive program. (4) Wait for a reply, or an email inviting you to do reviews and get $5 or $10 per review. Be patient. This can take weeks or months. I have no control over it nor can I guarentee it will happen. (5) Do 10 reviews and make $50 to $100

Here are the links for you to follow the steps outlined to make money with Capterra software reviews:

Here are the videos on my channel.

Capterra software reviews overview:

Payment proof of doing software reviews on Capterra:

Over the shoulder tutorial doing reviews:

This is not a way to make money online as a career. This is simply a way to make extra income here and there if you have software you are familiar with that you can review.

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