How do you connect the New Zenler Custom Domain Name?

New Zenler tech tutorial on how to connect a custom domain name to New Zenler.

i.e. instead of, make the name of your Zenler website something like instead.

i.e. your own unique name

If you can't figure this out on your own using this tutorial, you are invited to hire my VA team to help you with it for a modest fee. Click here to learn more:

Not sure what a domain is?

Not sure what a sub-domain is?

Not sure what is domain and hosting?

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Summary of New Zenler features:

New Zenler has email marketing automation.

New Zenler has email marketing broadcast functionality.

New Zenler has blog functionality.

New Zenler has marketing funnels.

New Zenler has a community feature.

New Zenler has an app.

New Zenler has unlimited courses.

New Zenler has unlimited video hosting (through vimeo).

New Zenler has unlimited products/memberships.

New Zenler has funnel functionality including 1-click upsells and upsells.

New Zenler has the ability to accept payments with Stripe, PayPal and RazorPay.

New Zenler includes the ability to charge subscription plans, one-time payment, and payment plans.

New Zenler does not take transaction fees.


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Last updated on 3rd March 2022 by Eran Bucai

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