How do you create a video lesson for your online course or membership ( tech tutorial)?

Creating a video lesson in is really simple. But the best part, is you really only have to create the lesson ONCE, and then create a block that you re-use over and over... that's how I use a lot of time.

Here is the template I created for myself that you can install into your account with ONE CLICK =

Creating a video lesson in systeme is required if you want to teach someone something through video tutorial or training.

You can host your videos directly on or through YouTube.

I personally use both scenarios, depending on what I teach.

For example, this video you're seeing, that's in one of my courses but it's publicly available on YouTube.

There is nothing proprietary about it.

But it is a question that has come up in a Q&A during my Website Creation challenge, so I created a video to answer that in greater detail.

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Steps to creating a video lesson in systeme:

I usually delete the template that Systeme provides.

Once delete I drag a section, then a row, make it medium, add Text Headline, add Text, add a few bullets, put a video under, text element under that for the timestamps or call-to-action and sometimes a button with any downloadable resources of call-to-actions.

I make sure all the branding is accurate (font, colours, styling, etc) the way you want it and then save that as a section to use in future lessons so you don't have to go through that again.

All is explained and shown in detail in the video below. is an all in one business software for your online business. has email marketing features including up to 5000 contacts on their lowest plan of $27/month has funnels, including landing page, sales page, order pages, upsells, downsells, etc. has membership sites / courses (basically the same thing in has the functionality to create blogs. has a deadline funnel feature (huge plus!) which I've not seen any other funnel software having that in-built. has an evergreen webinar features. lets you sell your products and services online using all the above features.

What is missing/lacking from at the time of uploading this video, there is no live feature (you still need Zoom), there is no calendar (you still need Keap or Calendly), there is no community feature (you still need Facebook group, Circle or Mighty Networks), does not have a live webinar feature you'll still need StreamYard or Zoom or EverWebinar.

But besides these, literally has everything you need to start and grow an online business.

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