How do you create a GIF online for free and use it inside an email?

How to create a GIF online for free and use it inside an email.

This is a question I received from a DCT (Dot Com Truths) tech support membership member.

They saw someone who sent them an email going through a quiz on their own store and then making a purchase after the quiz.

The whole thing was simply a GIF.

And so, this video will show you how to do exactly that.

Here are the steps to create a custom GIF online for free:

Step 1: Record a video of your choice. 1-2 minutes max. (I used Quick Time Player, you can use your iPhone, or Loom or any video recording tool). You can record you screen, record yourself, it really doesn't matter. Choice is yours.

Step 2: Convert the video to a GIF by uploading the video to a GIF creation software. Controlling the speed of the GIF is only available with some tools online, not all. The one I showed on this tutorial is, because it gave me the option to control the speed of the GIF.

Step 3: Export the GIF to your computer.

Step 4: Upload the GIF as an image to your email as an image (in the case of the tutorial, I used Flodesk).

There are so many use cases.

For example, I created a GIF on Canva which links to this very YouTube video so people click and come watch it.

You can search on Google "GIF creator free online" or "video to GIF free online" or "video convertor to GIF".

There are lots of free tools.

The one I showed on this tutorial is

But you're welcome to explore others.

You can also export GIFs on Canva.


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