How do I add a cookie consent policy popup banner for your website?

How to add a cookie consent policy popup banner for your website?

This tech tutorial will show you how.

Go to this website: (click the link)

Customize the banner as you wish (and as shown in the tutorial).

If you do not have a cookie policy already, you can generate one with this link:

Once you generate the cookie policy, link it in the banner generator.

When done, copy the code.

Go to, and click on your profile picture on the top right.

Then click on "settings", then on the left menu click "sales funnel settings"

Broaden the space to enter the code, and paste it in.

Then go to one of your funnels and test it on incognito to make sure it works!

When it works, leave a comment on the YouTube video, I read and reply to every comment.


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