How do you sign up to Amazon affiliate program?

How to sign up to Amazon Affiliate Program?

This short video will tell you.

Go to, scroll all the way to the bottom and click "become an affiliate".

Make sure you use your custom email address, not your gmail!

i.e. instead of, use (as an example - create your own custom domain!)

If don't have a domain name or email account, I'm happy to share recommendations:

If you're in Australia, use a company called Ventraip:

If you're outside of Australia, use a company called Brixly:

Or SiteGround:

Either way, make sure you create it before signing up to the Amazon Associates Program (Amazon Affiliate Program, same thing).

While I don't recommend you rely on affiliate marketing from Amazon, it's still a simple extra income stream that can help.

There's definitely SOMETHING on Amazon that you can share with your audience to purchase.

Oh, another tip. Never email an Amazon Affiliate link, it's against their terms and conditions last I checked and you risk getting your account closed too.

Write blogs or have links on your website to Amazon.

And make sure there is an affiliate disclosures too.

If you need an affiliate disclosure, check out my "Website Legal Policies" video:

And visit this link to get help with getting these legal policies and disclaimers done:

If you have any questions for me about affiliate marketing, please leave a comment and I'll reply and/or record a video.

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