What is Online Photo Sharing 2?

Today, we’re taking and sharing more photos than ever before. In the moment, it’s easy to forget that sharing photos can represent both fun and risk. By understanding the basics of photo sharing and how to share responsibly, we can reduce the risk and focus on the fun. This video teaches:

  • Why photo sharing is more popular than ever
  • How people often interact with online photos
  • What kinds of data and information are included when sharing online photos
  • How online photos create a digital footprint that can become a risk in the future
  • What you can do to reduce the risks

Video Transcript:

These days, it’s no wonder that digital photos seem to appear everywhere.

Cameras on smartphones and other devices mean it’s inexpensive, easy and fun to snap digital photos wherever you are. But what happens after the photos are taken? How you share your photos is important.

Let’s say you take a photo with a group of friends and share it on social media so your friends will see it. They learn about your life, leave comments and “like” your photo. You love to see those likes!

In some cases, you may be able to identify or “tag” your friends in the photo. You may also be able to add the location where the photo was taken. The photo itself may even have information about your phone and other data you never see.

This means your photo is much more than a pretty picture. It’s a digital marker of where you were, when you were there, whom you were with and more.

As you take and share photos online, you leave a digital trail that can become a permanent part of your online identity. The problem is that it’s difficult to know how your photos and online identity will be used in the future.

An old photo you shared could come up in a job interview. Or when applying for admission to a university. It could be used without your permission in advertising or for other purposes that reflect poorly on you. Photos shared publicly today can potentially become problems tomorrow.

The reality is that photo sharing is fun and safe for the most part. But awareness is key. Before sharing photos on apps and websites, consider the risks. You can always choose to make your account or individual photos private so only friends can access your photos.

If you’re not sure, consider sending photos in texts or private messages. Also, learn about settings on your phone and favorite apps. You can usually turn off features that add location information to photos.

And remember, when you take photos of friends, you have a responsibility to make sure the photo is shared with care. It never hurts to ask if it’s OK to share photos of them publicly.

It’s easy to forget about the risks of sharing photos. By sharing with respect and responsibility, there’s no end to the connections you could make, the fun you could have, and the likes you could earn.


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Last updated on 15th December 2021 by Eran Bucai

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