What is Screencasting?

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by watching someone accomplish a task. Now that so much happens on computer screens, screencasting has emerged as a favorite way to record and share videos of our computer-based skills and ideas. This video explains the basics of screencasting. It teaches:

  • Why screencasting makes sense for sharing computer-based skills
  • How screencasting helps professionals share information
  • Basic features of popular screencasting tools
  • How screencasting videos can be used to reach a global audience

Video Transcript:

Sometimes, the easiest way to learn is by watching someone else. If you can look over their shoulder and hear them speak while while they chop an onion, you may be able to learn more quickly.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when the teacher is a thousand miles away. Thankfully, screencasting can help us use computers to make videos that can be easily shared.

Meet Chloe. She’s an expert in graphic design and she lives in a small town. Recently she noticed a number of people online asking about the same feature, in a tool that she knows well. She wondered - how could she share what she knows? She decided to try screencasting for the first time.

She came to think of it like having a video camera on her shoulder, recording her screen and her voice. In reality, it’s software that records a video of what happens on her screen and can also include her narration.

With the click of a button, she records herself using the feature and walking through each step in the process. When she’s done, she saves it as a video for sharing online. But for Chloe, this was just the beginning.

The most popular screencasting programs have tools for editing the video and audio after it is captured. This way she can cut out parts she doesn’t need.

She can also magnify sections of the screen to make them easier to read and even add text.

For the narration, chloe can either record her voice as she records what’s on the screen, or she can record the voice-over separately.

With a little fine tuning, Chloe is able to create a three-minute video showing exactly how to use the feature people need.

Once she finalizes the video she shares it on her website. Now, when people are confused, she has them covered.

And Chloe is not alone. Screencasting is a powerful tool for sharing all kinds of computer-based information. It turns anything that happens on your computer screen into a video that can be shared with the world!


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Last updated on 15th December 2021 by Eran Bucai

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