What is Social Networking (Facebook)?

This video teaches the basic ideas behind social networking with sites like Facebook. It tells the story of a woman who discovered how social networking revealed a world that was formerly hidden from view. It teaches:

  • The ideas and features of social networking websites
  • Basic privacy settings
  • The role of status updates
  • How to build a network
  • How comments and likes enable communication

Video Transcript: The truth is, we’ve always had social networks. Charles knew Oliver and Oliver knew both a good blacksmith and a successful woman who might be perfect for Charles.

But in the past, these network connections were hard to use because Oliver’s network was hidden from view. Charles couldn’t see who Oliver knew. These days, the Internet has changed this by making these connections visible on websites – and that makes all kinds of things possible.

Meet Maria. She’s been been hearing a lot about websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, but never thought they would be valuable to her.

Recently she was invited to a social networking site by her friend Joan and logged in without knowing what to expect. She got started by sharing some basic information and a photo, and adjusting privacy settings.

She saw that Joan was now her friend on the site, but she wondered – now what?

 Within a day or so, updates from Joan started to appear on her page. She saw photos, links, and notices about Joan’s activities on the site and enjoyed following along.

Then Maria noticed that Joan’s name was a link, so she clicked it and arrived at Joan’s page. Joan was connected to hundreds of people, organizations and groups and had interesting updates on her page.

She was also using the website to play games, organize events and have conversations with friends. Joan’s network was visible!

Suddenly it became clear. She could have a network like Joan’s – she just needed to connect to more people she knows - Joan’s page was the perfect place to start.

So, she found people she knew, clicked their names and added them as her friends on the site. Then she searched for her favorite band and restaurant and clicked a button to get their updates too. Within a few days, her page was full of interesting updates that were useful to her.

And email addresses didn’t matter - she could always contact her friends using the website.

Soon Maria started to post her own updates. Her friends liked her posts and left comments.

Instead of being hidden, Social Networking made events, people and media visible and on her page every day.

For Maria and millions of others, it provides online places for her to connect to and build relationships with whom and what matters.


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Last updated on 15th December 2021 by Eran Bucai

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