What is the internet and how does the internet work?

What is the internet and how it works can be taken for granted. I strongly advise, if you don't really know how it works, that you take time to watch an 8-part video series from code.org (each video is extremely high-quality, well presented, engaging, short, and to the point).

When I first started online, I truly had no idea what things are. I found that series to be extremely helpful.

There are all sorts of terms and names you are going to hear when you are going to buy a domain name, when you are setting up a website, and so on and unless you understand these terms you are going to get lost and overwhelmed.

This series will answer a lot of terms like: HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, IP, DNS, and so on.

Have you wondered how does a song play? How does a picture load on a website? How does font become bigger or small? How are you able to send and receive a text message across the ocean?

All of this and more are answered in this 8-part video series.

This is the first video, "what is the internet?"

And to watch the rest of the series, click on this link for the playlist.

To get a copy of the glossary of common terms of online marketing and the internet, visit this website.

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