What is Web Conferencing and Webinars?

Meeting face-to-face is great, but it can be expensive and difficult to plan. That’s why web conferencing is becoming more popular. These systems allow a group to connect and share information using only an internet connection. This video explains the basics, It teaches:

  • Why face-to-face meetings are cumbersome and expensive
  • How web conferencing can be used to accomplish the same goals
  • How to create a web conference and invite attendees
  • What features are often used in web conferences
  • Why web conferencing can be more effective than normal meetings

Video Transcript:

These days, meetings are a time for people to watch presentations, discuss plans and more. Being in the same room means attendees can see the presenter, ask questions and have conversations. The problem is that face-to-face meetings require people to meet at a central location, which can be expensive and limit who can attend.

That’s why more people are using web conferencing systems, which open meetings to anyone with internet access. Here, a group of people anywhere in the world can meet online, watch a presentation, have a group discussion in real time, and more. Here’s how it works…

Imagine you work at a business that creates and sells software. Many of the company’s employees and customers work from locations around the world. Traveling to in-person meetings is not an affordable option. So you use a web conferencing system.

With the system in place, you can create a meeting using web conferencing software on a computer or via a website.

When you create the meeting, you can provide details and designate who should join and more. Attendees receive an invitation in email or visit a website to register.

A few minutes before the meeting time, you open the web conferencing system, upload the presentation you’ll share and test your microphone and audio. You’re ready to lead the meeting!

When showtime arrives, the attendees use the link they received in email to join the meeting. As they log in, their names appear on the attendee list. You can chat with the attendees while others continue to arrive.

During the meeting, you have control of what the attendees see and hear as changes happen in real time. Along with the presentation, you may be able to share links, conduct polls and more. The attendees may just watch and learn.

You may also be able to invite other attendees to become the “presenter”, which gives them control of the presentation.

Most web conferencing tools include the ability to record the presentation for future replays. When it’s over, you’re satisfied. You were able to share important information in real time, just like a regular meeting.

And this system can work for everyone in the company. Engineers can explain new features, salespeople can educate their clients and HR can share new policies.

Face-to-face meetings are great, and today we have more affordable options that open meetings to anyone with an internet connection.


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Last updated on 15th December 2021 by Eran Bucai

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