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What are Apps?

An explanation of apps - how and why they evolved to become smaller, cheaper and mobile.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Using the story of a book blogger named Shauna, this video explains the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is World Wide Web?

A short explanation of the concepts and tools that make up the World Wide Web.

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What are the benefits of Twitter Search & Hashtags?

How Twitter Search creates new opportunities for business feedback, tracking real time news and discovering trends with hashtags.

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What are Stock Markets?

This video illustrates the basics of stock markets, how they are measured and what makes prices change over time.

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What is the relation between Social Media and the Workplace?

Social media has changed the way that organizations think about communicating publicly. Instead of simple press releases, organizations are now using the same tools as customers to share information and support users.

social media
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What are Secure Passwords?

This video is about understanding the risks of weak passwords, creating a password that can't be guessed, and protecting it from criminals and wandering eyes.

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What are the Benefits of Saving for Retirement?

This video is designed to teach the benefits of using a retirement account for financing a comfortable retirement.

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What are QR Codes?

An introduction to QR Code technology which makes the real world clickable like a website.

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What is Project Based Learning?

An introduction to the basics of Project-Based Learning or "PBL" as a way to get students involved in learning versus watching a teacher in front of the room. Video courtesy of Buck Institute for Education.

learning skills
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