What are the benefits of Twitter Search & Hashtags?

How Twitter Search creates new opportunities for business feedback, tracking real time news and discovering trends with hashtags.

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What is an Online Citizenship

This is the short story of a man who discovers his words online matter more than he realized, and that citizenship and respecting others is important for his communities, both online and off.

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What is Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are a fundamental part of the Web. By connecting websites and applications to specialized functions over the Internet, they can help websites become more fully-featured and productive.

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What is Peer Review?

A big challenge for students is sifting through mountains of information to find high-quality sources for research papers. This video explains why peer-reviewed articles can be useful to students and what makes the articles more trustworthy than other sources.

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is technology that keeps sensitive information, like credit cards, social security numbers, user names and passwords out of the hands of cyber crooks.

What are the benefits of Protecting Reputations Online?

Aimed at young or inexperienced Web users, this video explains the long-term risks of sharing inappropriate information online.

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What are secure websites?

This video focuses on what makes websites secure and how to recognize a secure one based on signals in the web browser.

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What is Citations and Citing Your Work?

Using citations in papers and articles is a fundamental part of being a responsible writer. But it’s not always clear what information needs a citation. This video provides a simple method for understanding how to use citations responsibly.

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What are QR Codes?

An introduction to QR Code technology which makes the real world clickable like a website.

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How do I manage passwords securely?

I recommend using a Password manager. A password manager is a software designed to save and manage online credentials. Not just passwords but even address, credit card information, and etc.

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