What is Project Management Basics?

At work or school, teamwork can be a challenge. When people have different specialities and priorities, it can be difficult to keep the team working smoothly. That’s why projects often need someone who keeps things on track. This video introduces the basics of project management.

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What is Credit Card Responsibility?

Credit Cards have become a part of modern life that comes with significant risks. This video introduces the high-level concepts of using credit cards responsibly.

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What is the Benefit of Preparing an Emergency Plan?

What will you and your family do when an emergency happens? This video explains what should be in your emergency plan.

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What is Screencasting?

Screencasting has become a popular method of recording and sharing what we know online. This video explains the basics of screencasting and why it matters.

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What are secure websites?

This video focuses on what makes websites secure and how to recognize a secure one based on signals in the web browser.

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What is Web Conferencing and Webinars?

Thanks to the internet, a different kind of meeting is possible. Instead of attendees having to travel to meet, they can now participate in web conferences or webinars from anywhere with an internet connection. This video explains the basics of web conferencing and how it’s used.

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What is the relation between Social Media and the Workplace?

Social media has changed the way that organizations think about communicating publicly. Instead of simple press releases, organizations are now using the same tools as customers to share information and support users.

social media
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What are Web Search Strategies?

Best practices for getting the right results from Web searches.

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What are the Benefits of Working as a Team?

Teamwork is an essential skill that can be the key to great results. This video explains the basics of how successful teams work together to turn weaknesses into strengths.

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URLs (Web Addresses)?

URLs, or web addresses, are fundamental parts of using the web. By understanding what a URL does and how it’s organized, we can learn about how the web is linked together and how web pages are displayed.

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