What is Project Based Learning?

An introduction to the basics of Project-Based Learning or "PBL" as a way to get students involved in learning versus watching a teacher in front of the room. Video courtesy of Buck Institute for Education.

learning skills
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What is Cloud Computing?

An introduction to the basics of cloud computing and how it’s changing the way businesses and individuals think about software and data.

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What is Peer Review?

A big challenge for students is sifting through mountains of information to find high-quality sources for research papers. This video explains why peer-reviewed articles can be useful to students and what makes the articles more trustworthy than other sources.

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What is an Online Citizenship

This is the short story of a man who discovers his words online matter more than he realized, and that citizenship and respecting others is important for his communities, both online and off.

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What is Insurance?

An introduction to insurance and the role it plays in recovering when bad things happen.

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What are secure websites?

This video focuses on what makes websites secure and how to recognize a secure one based on signals in the web browser.

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What are QR Codes?

An introduction to QR Code technology which makes the real world clickable like a website.

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What is Privacy Online?

Using the web today can mean giving up a little privacy. The popular websites we use often collect information about nearly everything we do online. By understanding privacy online, we can be aware of how our information is being used and take steps to protect it.

privacy policy
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What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is one of the most-used, but least understood technologies on the Web. This video explains how it enables files to be downloaded from the Internet with more speed than other methods.

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