How do you connect the New Zenler Custom Domain Name?

New Zenler tech tutorial on how to connect a custom domain name to New Zenler. i.e. instead of, make the name of your Zenler website something like instead.

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How to create a segmented email list in New Zenler?

Unfortunately, this needs to be done manually, but it is a very simple process. Step 1...

How do you create a GIF online for free and use it inside an email?

How to create a GIF online for free and use it inside an email This is a question I received from a DCT (Dot Com Truths) tech support membership member. They saw someone who sent them an email going through a quiz on their own store and then making a purchase after the quiz. The whole thing was simply a GIF. And so, this video will show you how to do exactly that.

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What is Wikis?

Collaboration on the internet is often difficult. Wikis are a kind of website that helps solve the problem by creating a single place for a group to collaborate and share information. This video explains the big idea behind wikis.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A short introduction to the basic elements that make your website attractive to search engines.

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How to start an online business with zero dollars and no skills?

Freelancing services. You need to focus on 1 thing and 1 thing only – and that is acquiring a skill that you can get 1 client to provide a service with. You can learn these skills for free (and/or very cheap) through free content provided by...

How to directly link a product checkout page from New Zenler?

The short answer is to grab the checkout link and link that as a button. Here's a guide on how you can link a checkout page for someone to buy without having to create a sales page in New Zenler.

How to get your Gmail inbox under control?

In this guide, you'll learn how to organize and manage your Gmail account.

How can you connect a custom domain with

How to connect a custom domain with, that's the topic of this short tutorial. has the ability to build your website, and customize your own domain name.

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How can you make money doing software reviews online?

Capterra is a software review website that incentivizes people with legitimate and authentic reviews of software. I have recorded...

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