What is World Wide Web?

A short explanation of the concepts and tools that make up the World Wide Web.

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What are Web Browsers?

An introduction to Web Browsers and their most powerful features.

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What is an EPP code?

EPP code or Extensible Provisioning Protocol code is authorization code needed when transferring your Domain to a new host.

What is Agile Methodology?

Traditionally, the software has been developed using a process called Waterfall Methodology. In recent years, a new way of using Agile Methodology emerged and fundamentally changed how we think about software development and other projects. This video explains the basics of Agile Methodology.

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What is Phishing Scams?

A short guide to recognizing and avoiding email phishing scams.

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What are Blogs?

A short introduction to blogs - how they work and why they matter.

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What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is a powerful skill and one that can be difficult to understand. This video explains how a team uses critical thinking to identify useful information and use it to succeed in a project.

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What is Private or Incognito Browsing?

Web browsers come with a feature called Private or Incognito Browsing. The feature can be useful, and using it properly requires an understanding of what it does and why. This video explains Private or Incognito browsing.

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What is Google Chrome Incognito and how to use it?

Using Incognito mode stops Chrome from saving your browsing activity to your local history and shows you how a website would look like to a visitor (i.e. not on your computer). This is important to use when testing your sales funnels, sales pages, checkout pages, etc. Here are instructions on how it is used:

What is Flipped Classroom?

For generations, students learned concepts in the classroom and then practiced at home. Today, an idea called the flipped classroom is changing this process and helping teachers make better use of class time. This video explains the flipped classroom.

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