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What are Zombies?

Common Craft's guide to surviving a zombie attack.

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What is Wikis?

Collaboration on the internet is often difficult. Wikis are a kind of website that helps solve the problem by creating a single place for a group to collaborate and share information. This video explains the big idea behind wikis.

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What is Augmented Reality?

An introduction to a new technology that adds a layer of useful information to computer and smartphone camera screens.

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What is Agile Methodology?

Traditionally, the software has been developed using a process called Waterfall Methodology. In recent years, a new way of using Agile Methodology emerged and fundamentally changed how we think about software development and other projects. This video explains the basics of Agile Methodology.

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What is Citations and Citing Your Work?

Using citations in papers and articles is a fundamental part of being a responsible writer. But it’s not always clear what information needs a citation. This video provides a simple method for understanding how to use citations responsibly.

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What is Private or Incognito Browsing?

Web browsers come with a feature called Private or Incognito Browsing. The feature can be useful, and using it properly requires an understanding of what it does and why. This video explains Private or Incognito browsing.

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What is DNS? How does DNS work?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. To answer this question, here is a short video that explains...

What is Gamification?

What if completing your goals felt more like a game, with points, competition and awards? That’s the goal of gamification - to motivate and engage people by making the completion of tasks feel like a game that you want to win.

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What is Mobile Safety and Security?

Today, smartphones are likely to contain our most valuable information, like passwords, credit card numbers and more. If criminals steal our mobile devices or access their contents, it could cause serious problems. This video explains best practices to keep your smartphone safe and secure.

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What is Wikipedia?

This video explores the tools, policies and people that seek to make Wikipedia articles factual and high quality.

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